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Inflight Catering Company For Jets

How to Choose an Inflight Catering Company for Jets

In terms of passenger experience, perhaps the most important jet flight support service you can get is inflight catering. The meals served on a private jet can enhance or degrade the experience, and because of that you need to choose your inflight catering company for jets carefully. Here are the criteria you should consider as you make your selection.

Type of Food

Look at the type of food offered by various companies. Does the food look tasty? Is it that type of fare that appeals to you and the people you're inviting onto your jet?

Menu Options

If you like the type of food offered, look a bit deeper and see if the inflight catering company for jets can meet your dietary requirements. For instance, do they offer vegan, gluten-free, or similar special options? Do they have a set menu, or you can pick and choose exactly what you want?

Customer Reviews

Once you verify that you like the look of a certain company's catering menu and special options, you should see what other customers have to say about the company. Look for reviews on popular sites or check out customer testimonials on the company's main site.


You may also want to look into logistics so that you know what to expect on the flight. Does the company send chefs onto your flight, or do they prepare the food and you serve yourself once you're in the sky?

Other Jet Services

You may also want to see if the company offers other support services. Then, when you need a jet flight support service such as help refueling, chartering an extra jet, or obtaining permits, you can reach out to the company that handled your catering, and you don't have to worry about finding another option.

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